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I love seeing other recipes that I can adapt to my own ingredients.  Too often we turn back as soon as we have one wrong ingredient.  Remember, cooking is as much a journey of personal taste as it is a strict recipe.  Right now I am going through a bison phase.  I recently made Bison Fried Quinoa, a fun and easy recipe which you can take anywhere with creativity.  Add Braggs Aminos to create an oriental taste, or some pico de gallo for a Tex-Mex flavor.  This is one of my own personal recipes.  I like to use a lot of onion and garlic in my recipes, especially with red meats.  Bison and onion are two foods which mix flavors quite favorably.  And, of course I throw in the garlic too, you can never have too much of something full of natural antibiotics!

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The prep is pretty straightforward for this recipe.  Combine everything, shape and place in your pan.  I used a pie pan because I like cutting it into wedges to serve with dinner.  Gives it that “meat pie” effect.  The silicone spatula spoon is great for this because it has a strong reinforced handle which won’t bend under pressure.  Just use the spatula to mix it all together, scrape the sides down and slide it into your pan.  I use a counter-top infra red convection oven, so one way I cook it is to just put it in a loaf shape on the silicon mat.  If you are using an infra red oven, be sure to flip it over halfway through so that it cooks each side evenly.

Ok, the meatloaf is cooking.  Now I am going to prepare my mushrooms and peas.  You can throw a bag of peas in the microwave or, for healthier results, use a steamer.  Now for the other side dish.  I sliced my mushrooms into thick slices and added seasonings.   Next I threw some olive oil, butter and red wine in a pan with salt and pepper to taste.  The result was great.  My sons both know how to make this recipe, it’s easy to prepare and it will fill them up with good quality nutrition.




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