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Happy International Women’s Day!  A day to commemorate women everywhere, celebrate femininity, and treat yourself to something special.  Women have played such an important role in the very fabric of civilization that it’s only fair we also have our own day!  This is also a day to reach out to other women around you, call a friend, and support women who work by patronizing their shop, buying their merchandise or paying for their service.  It’s time to call your mother, sister or friend who you haven’t spoken with, go get a coffee with her, or even cook her this savory recipe for lunch!

Pasta.  There it is, the crave of every Italian, and non-Italian.  Easy to make.  Easy to flavor.  Many of us were raised on spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese or even a nice stout stroganoff.  Then we learned about the blood-sugar imbalance caused by processed foods containing gluten.  Suddenly, we are disowning bread, and pasta.  Now non-gluten pasta’s are all the rage and we have a lot of options.  Rice noodles, whole wheat noodles, quinoa pasta and even red lentil noodles.  Unfortunately, red lentil pasta is still a flour and will have the same resultant sugar effect on the body.  Any “flour” product will.  So why are we doing this recipe?  Because sometimes we need that pasta fix and it is still better to avoid gluten then to go all out.  Pasta is so easy to make.  It’s a great technique to teach to children and teenagers so that they can feed themselves in a pinch.

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I filled one of my saucepans halfway and added a little oil and salt. Adding salt raises the boiling point of the water, but not that much.  Actually the salt will also add a bit of extra flavor to the pasta if added right as the water starts to boil and before you add the pasta.  The second trick is finding the “al dente” point.  Al dente, is a firmness.  If you can bite the pasta easily but not mush it, it’s “al dente.”  That slight firmness leaves a bit of room to absorb sauces and flavors.  If you wait until the pasta is completely soft and even mushy, you have overcooked it.  Mushy pasta has a much higher glycemic index and won’t have the same taste, texture and flavor of a well-cooked pasta.  Anyone can put spaghetti in water and boil for 8 minutes, the skilled ones can pull it out al dente and ensure that the taste is favorable to anyone and everyone.  It’s an easy dish, hard to screw up, but still possible to screw up.




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