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I have been cooking pumpkin pies forever it seems, as I dutifully follow the holiday traditions and seasonal expectations.
This year I decided to try a sweet potato pie for the holidays, change is good.
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I found a Martha Stewart recipe that I could modify for my use. I have made these pies every couple of weeks for two months and as long as I get sweet potatos I will continue.  Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin B6, C, D and a good source of iron.  Especially with how cold this winter has been we need the extra vitamin C &D to fight colds and compensate for lack of sunlight.  These are only a few of the benefits, check out this article for more reasons to love sweet potatoes!

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My sweet potato’s were 4 large instead of 4 medium so I doubled the recipe and used goat yogurt and some organic sour cream. I will list what I added to the ingredient list. My boys like these better than the pumpkin pies, there is a lemon after taste and it is heavier than a pumpkin pie which is great for the cold weather.  Note: I coarse ground the allspice so there are nice flecks of color in the pie and it tastes great.
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