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Pancakes are one of those All-American favorites that can’t be messed with, by any diet.  There is nothing as frustrating as going gluten-free and then being forced to choke down flat pancakes or super dense pancakes that fill you up after the first one.  Maybe it’s psychological but we all want to see a lightly browned, mostly round pile, or row, of cakes on our plates, drizzled in syrup, and smothered in butter.  Here is the perfect solution to your cravings!




Note: This recipe is adapted from this one from Food Prepper.  I changed a couple items according to what is available in my geographic location, or personal preferences.  My family loves these pancakes. They are the right combination of fluffy, turning a nice golden brown when cooked.  I used a cast iron griddle for mine.  Don’t forget to use your Spatula Spoon!



This is a favorite recipe for my family, especially when it comes to our snack time cravings.  I grew up accustomed to eating bread with meals and at snacktime.  Now that I have gone gluten-free I very rarely eat bread, but I crave it.  These pancakes are the perfect substitute because they help to satisfy that craving and they are so light and fluffy, which can be hard to attain with alternative ingredients.  If you have young children these are great to pack as snacks while running errands or taking a day trip.  Add honey, maple syrup or even just butter as a topping, or you can just eat them plain.


Note: Definitely use the spatula spoon to mix.  Be careful not to over mix.  I stir just enough to combine ingredients but not to kill the rising action of the baking powder.  When measuring batter onto the griddle I use 1/4 cup or less per pancake.  Since it is a gluten free pancake, too big can be  harder to flip.

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