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Nothing compliments a nice cup of coffee or hot cocoa like a good sugar cookie.  Is it psychological? Maybe it’s just the perfect combination that we need to make our taste buds dance with joy on a cold snowy day.  Either way I am not going to drive you crazy with too much chatter so let’s get cooking!

The following recipe is adapted from this one which I found on Pinterest.  I swapped out a few ingredients and mine came out a bit darker but it was ok because they still had that buttery flavor, moist on the inside, slightly crunchy on the outside.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

A quick note about the gluten free flour mix:

I used whatever I had in the cupboard.  That ended up being mostly oat flour, about a cup of quinoa flour and then because I was still a touch short I also added a bit of coconut flour too.  Use your taste buds and judgement to determine which flours to use.

Tools I recommend: 

If you have a silicone spatula spoon and silicone baking mat you will cut down on things to wash and save time to boot.  Especially if you are a mom/career woman/ busy, then these items will really make life a lot easier because one carries over to the other.


I used a rolling pin to flatten the cookies and a cup to make cut outs.  My sons prefer things which are sweet but not sugary so I prefer not to use icing.


Why My Cookies Don’t Look White

Remember, when you cook with brown sugar and gluten free flour it can change the color a bit.  Just think of it as extra nutrients!


Mine didn’t puff up much but they came out very nice, like a healthy shortbread!