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Chocolate has become a quite valuable commodity in the last few years due to several factors.  Ebola in Africa has shut down much of the European chocolate production.  Ecuador is now planting a fake genetically modified chocolate whose name includes letters and numbers.  EW!  Colombia is seeing an internal struggle to meet demand as two large producers are competing for whatever production is available.  Needless to say there is a shortage of quality cocoa beans in the world.


Let’s get going on these brownies.  Any type of powered cocoa will work for this recipe.  I used a premium grade Colombian chocolate which is produced in small quantities in the Coffee Axis of Colombia.  My daughter and her Colombian husband run a small business owners where they buy premium cacao beans from a family farm located in a rainforest region known as El Choco.  Upon arrival in the city the cacao is toasted, ground and packaged as a pure chocolate made using artisan techniques.   Unbeknownst to me many types of chocolate actually undergo a process which removes the cacao butter and then adds soy lecithin, fillers and artificial flavors.  Not only does this steal from the quality of the flavor but it removes many of the key nutrients which chocolate is famous for.  The chocolate produced by Cacao Puro del Choco (remember the small business I mentioned) is a high grade product which comes in small squares which can be melted down for baking or dissolved in agua panela (or sugar cane water) to make a hot chocolate to die for!  Step aside Swiss Miss!!

Brownie Recipe

































The recipe came out FANTASTIC!  The texture is a bit drier like a cake but dense like a brownie.  This is definitely not a gooey brownie, for that you would need to use a different type of flour as coconut tends to absorb liquid judiciously. That is also the white fleck you see in the pictures.  Very delicious, and you won’t blow your diet by doing these.  Unless you add frosting on top like I did.



Notes: If you are using a dark bittersweet chocolate like I did then you will need the whole cup.  If you love icing but hate brownies which are too sugary then add about 1/2 cup of sugar and then make a simple icing from milk, powdered sugar and vanilla.  Another great suggestion, especially if you have children who like crafts.  Take some paper, fold it into a square and make cuts like you would for a paper snowflake.  Put the paper on the brownies and sprinkle powdered sugar on top like I did.