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If you have ever seen a bison in person, they are amazing.  One of the icons from the glory days of the old west, buffalo were almost hunted to extinction in the 19th century.  Now their species is carefully preserved in buffalo ranches, reserves and culture throughout the American West.  As a protein source bison meat is superior to beef, yet leaner with lower fat percentage and better nutritional value.  To some it might have a bit of a gamey flavor, for me it was always a nice tang of something different.Pic 1      Pic 4

Quinoa is a native plant from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia whose history dates back over 4000 years as a food for humans.  With a high dietary value quinoa is rich in nutrients, minerals,  protein, amino acids, dietary fiber, and B vitamins.  The ancient Inca people believed this plant to be sacred.  Today it is the perfect substitute for rice.  There is a trick to cooking with quinoa: you must always wash it well before boiling.  From there you add water in a 2:1 ratio, bring to a boil, shut off, cover and leave it until puffed up, clear looking and the rings are falling off the grain.

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In many ways the bison and quinoa are unique in taste, origin and nutritional quality.  A meal like this will nourish athletes, breastfeeding mothers, hard working fathers and give everyone a healthy shine.  Too often our diets come up short in protein but high in carbohydrates, especially for lunch.  This is one meal which you can put to the test for it’s ability to give you the fiber, protein and nutrition that the typical American diet is lacking.  Keep in mind that when you saute a vegetable lightly it will keep much of its nutritional value.  try to avoid the veggies becoming completely “oil-logged” and dead looking.  As soon as the whiteness starts to disappear, the zucchini is ready.  Because it cooks so fast, you may even want to add it in to your stir fry as one of the last items.

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You can eat this stir fry as a meal by-itself, accompanied with a salad or as an entree for a bigger meal.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different spice combinations like curry and garlic or onion and teriyaki sauce.  I would pair this with a glass of full bodied glass wine, maybe a Merlot, or even a Tempranillo which isn’t as acidic, or dry.  I garnished it with a fresh strawberry, you could also add some parsley too.