MAP Ventures LLC

IMG_6055What makes this baking mat so unique and special?  Besides being a quality product and well made there are a few really nice features that clinch the deal for people who are looking for easy kitchen solutions.  Here is a testimonial from a user of the baking mat:

“I have had a baking mat for a year, and like it very much.  I lay it in the cookie sheet.  It does not have to be greased.  I just drop the cookies on it.  They cook perfectly evenly, all the same.  The ones on the edge are the same “done” as the ones in the middle.  The use of the mat does not alter the time or temperature of cooking.  It makes a more even product and eases cleanup.  When the cookies are done, I use the regular turner to remove them from the pan.  The mat does not retain heat but a moment.  I move it to my other cookie sheet–no cleanup needed–drop the next cookies, and keep baking.  After all the cookies are done, I wipe off the mat.  It it looks greasy from the dough, or unclean in any way, I put it in the dishwasher.”

-Mary in Sparks, Nevada

The mat is durable, long lasting and easy, you will not regret making this purchase!