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Nothing is worse during times of high food costs, than to lose some unknown percentage of our food for lack of a good spatula.  Get more mileage out of your pancakes and cake mixes by being able to scrape that plan clean.  It fills the spot of both a spatula for flipping stuff when I cook and a spatula for cleaning the sides of containers.  My husband and I use these so much we each have our own.  And it gets better.  I had some major kitchen issues where my husband was damaging utensils with hot pans.  Half of my forks/spoons/spatula handles are all melted because he loves to just cook and throw it all in the sink not realizing that it has to cool down first.  Can anyone relate to this?

However, with our green silicone spatulas….VOILA! No more burnt handles.  I can finally leave him alone in the kitchen without coming back to something having been damaged.  ITS SO NICE!!  Besides being non-stick it can take such high temperatures (up to 450 degrees F) that even if my ditzy hubby threw it in the oven I can go do other things and not worry about things smoking.   On top of that its ergonomic, and easy to clean so really it just doesn’t get any better.

  • Spatula Spoon Silicone – Green
  • 450°F Heat Resistant Spoon
  • Ergonomic Easy to Clean One Piece Design
  • Pro-Grade Non-Stick Silicone Rubber
  • Nice Stainless Steel Core Technology

One more thing about the spatula spoon, it’s really nice for camping, hiking and traveling overall.  Thread some cord and a clip onto the end, then clip onto the outside of your cooking gear, backpack or whatever.  Combine that with the mat so you have a surface to prepare things on.  Having that one kitchen thing can sometimes make a world of difference.  When my daughter decided to go live in Brazil for 6 months she was regretting the whole time that she didn’t bring her basic set of kitchen knives and a good spatula.  So often we take for granted that great kitchen tools exist and then discover that they aren’t as readily available as we think.   Now she lives in Colombia and has had a much better experience just by packing a few kitchen knives and a spatula to go down there.  This time around it saved her time and money once she moved into her own apartment.  She even brought her bicycle helmet, gear and backpack, which worked out because buying a bike didn’t also include all the extra gear you need.  Overall she saved about $200-300 dollars in kitchen stuff and bike gear by planning ahead.

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