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We are at a precipice we have never encoutered in modern civilization.  Humanity is at the brink of suffering the biggest food shortage in history.  We are damned if we do, and damned to hell if we don’t.  Don’t what?  That, my friends is the million dollar question.  If we don’t garden for ourselves we could find it much harder to find certain ingredients, like tomatoes, as one example.  However, it is much more than tilling the ground and throwing seeds out.  Climate changes and political situations like never before in history could affect our food chain this year, something we need to plan for to maintain health.  I am going to give you 3 pieces of advice to help keep your meals nutritious, interesting and satisfying in difficult times.


In previous centuries much of our nutrition came from our own gardens.  It was not unusual for the woman of the house to keep a garden each year.  This not only helped to cut costs but it also kept the family healthy too!  In modern times, or the last 50 years, much of this has changed.  Now our food comes from large factory farms which often overuse the earth they are planted in causing the yield to have less overall nutrition due to depleted soil.  This means you need to be a bit more clever to ensure your family is eating healthy and supplement your food without breaking the bank.  If you have the means, wheatgrass powder, superfood concentrates and a good multivitamin can help ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals.  However, one of the cheapest options is to simply plant your own garden and create your own compost from stuff you throw away each day.  This may help with your dietary needs for vitamins, minerals and antioxidant compounds which help to fight/prevent cancer, but you still need to get enough protein.  I highly recommend you stock up on plenty of seeds, nuts and non-perishable protein sources like beef jerky, protein powders and canned or frozen meats depending on your dietary preferences.

Keep It Interesting

Variety is the spice of life.  However, due to global shortages we are seeing things like avocados and tomatoes disappear from store shelves.  Items which are used in almost everything are not as plentiful as they used to be.  I was recently browsing recipes on Pinterest only to discover that I am unable to get one or two ingredients for most recipes due to my geographical location.   This will vary by state or provice and shipping distance from agricultural areas.  Again, the kitchen garden is more important than ever.  Even in an apartment there are ways to ensure you keep your family fed during shortages.  Wall gardens, indoor hydroponics and even a few buckets on the balcony can make a big difference.  Start now by getting some seeding trays.  Sprouts, seedlings and herbs are the easiest to create in a small space and can have a big impact on your meals.  When you run low on variety of fruits or veggies you can supplement with sprouts and even flavor by adding the herbs you planted during winter.  Check with your local nursery to find options that are right for you!


How often have you created a meal which was nutritious, visually appealing and even tasty only to hear, “mom, I’m still hungry” afterwards.  Start teaching yourself how to cook beans, rice and quinoa to add “body” plus extra nutrition to your meals.  You can cut costs quite significantly by eating beans and quinoa which are high in protein and nutrition, while cutting down on costs from expensive meats, cheeses and processed foods.  I love to bake, but I still have to ensure my family eats good meals too.  In future posts I am going to show you some easy energy saving methods of cooking beans and quinoa, along with ways to add flavor and taste which will have your family coming back for more!


Now for the bad news.  The year 2016 has started off with a bang…like a volcanic eruption uptick.  This winter may be longer and colder than we anticipate which means a later harvest.  Combine that with the terrifyingly low numbers we are seeing on the Baltic Dry Index, and we see a perfect storm brewing which could cause unprecedented shortages of food on our grocery store shelves this year.  It’s time to find ways to save time, money and energy in the kitchen.  Find kitchen gadgets which will assist with your food prep, learn how to do your own hobby gardening to fill gaps and get creative.  Here at Maire’s Marketplace, our mother-daughter writing team wants to help you feed your family meals which are fun, tasty and nutritious.  Stay tuned as we start to answer some of these questions while bringing you time-saving gadgets which will cut down on time spent without losing taste or quality!